Sticky Anti-Slip Gel Pad for Cars Color: Black About this product Universal Sticky Pads — Highest Quality Gel Pads Extra Thick Gel. Ideal for using in – Cars Home Office Buses Train Great for Cell Phones, GPS, Garage Door Openers, Golf Carts, Boats, Speakers, or around the house. Secure object to your dashboard or console. At home also we found it a lot of magical effect. Use dust or oil from your hands to lower the tackiness on the phone side if necessary. Clean with soap and water to renew stickiness. Last fix the object on it, also press for a while to make sure it’s well fixed before letting go. Normally one piece is enough for one object, but you may need more if its heavy and big. And its stickiness will be affected if the place or object with wetness, unevenness, dirt, dusts and times of recycling etc. Attentions Do not put in the place where children under three years old can touch. Dot not use in the place where SRS of Automobile is located. Do not use in the surface where the paints falls off easily or paper wall. Do not use in the place with temperature is higher than 80 degree. This pack consists of 2 units of sticky gel pad. HANDSFREE POUCH Brand new and high quality- Uniquely ball shape designed to custom fit your small electronic devices (such as: iPod Shuffle, Earphones, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drive and lens filter)- Compact and functional hard case keeps items safe and extremely portable- Simply zip it up and toss it into your purse, briefcase or luggage for easy travel-Made of high quality material which is hard.


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